Who we are

SEAD is a specialist healthcare service provider and a consultancy focused on public health management.

We work with consortiums, agencies, state organs, private sector institutions and funders to manage disease epidemics and strengthen health systems.

What we do

We provide the following specialist services in the South African public health sector, and on the continent.

  • Clinic laboratory interface
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Business intelligence
  • Niche consulting
How we do it

Healthcare practitioners, pharmacists and laboratory specialists bring strategic insight and best practice to public healthcare facilities.

Evaluation professionals, data analysts and process specialists provide technology and insights to create impactful, measurable programmes.

Our reach

Specialists employed
Regions supported
Facilities improved
and growing…
Healthworkers empowered

Our approach

Rigorous situational analysis

Our programmes are always based on detailed and continuous situational analysis and contextual awareness to ensure maximum uptake and impact.

Modern intervention design

Our interventions are informed by end user requirements and capacity, as well as the latest technical knowledge and developments in our specialist areas.

Leading edge delivery

Our programmes are lead by thematic experts and underpinned by the best methods in user adoption. Our technology platform allows real-time activity and impact tracking, ensuring optimal resource deployment.

Best in class evaluation

All of our work is evaluated using combination of in-house expertise (through a formal evaluation department) and external evaluation organisations. We actively use these results to ensure we stay both excellent and honest.

Our services

Laboratory services

SEAD enables accurate testing by training personnel to do point of care testing effectively and by improving the clinic-laboratory-interface.   Our services ensure that patients are able to receive appropriate health tests at public healthcare sites, and that the results of these tests are produced timeously and can be actioned accordingly.

We ensure effective working relationship between the clinic and the laboratory. Field staff work with personnel at the clinic and district level to ensure access to appropriate consumables and training on patient registration, testing, specimen collection and dispatch. When results return to clinics, we make sure that clinic personnel receive, file and communicate the results to the patient.

Point of care tests are laboratory tests in the hands of non-laboratory people and are the first test for assessing a patient’s HIV status. We train medical personnel at primary healthcare facilities on how to effectively use testing kits to get accurate results.

We are responsible for the availability of medications, consumables and commodities at the sites we support. Using business intelligence we have optimised supply chain management processes to ensure that dispensers have the medicine stocks required to fulfill all patients’ prescription needs. Our specialist Pharmacists work across the sites we support including health facilities and pharmaceutical stock depots.

We support the Central Chronic Medicines Dispensing and Distribution (CCMDD) programme, which enables patients to collect their chronic medication from a variety of dispensers outside of clinics, making the process more convenient for patients and reducing the burden on facilities.

Our team of evaluation professionals, data scientists and business analysts enable us to be at the forefront of precision public health. This is an emerging practice to more granularly predict and understand public health risks and trends and to customise interventions using new data, technologies, and methods.

We have developed insight tools to gather, collate and analyse the health data that we collect in the course of our work. By sharing these insights with partners, we enable more informed decision-making and more effective management of limited resources. We also enable our partners working at a district level to monitor their progress towards epidemic control.

Our internal business analytics team designs tech-based solutions that enable fieldworkers to do their jobs more effectively. We have also developed an app-based system to improve real-time monitoring and evaluating processes.

We provide innovation-based health advisory services to our clients. Our independence and deep sector experience ensures that our clients and partners can trust our team to develop and rollout healthcare strategies.  We offer a broad range of consultancy services including strategy development, programme design and evaluation.

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